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We're Moving

Good things have to come to an end, but this isn't the end of Otaku Sailor Wars. Rather, our time on LiveJournal has. We're moving to a new forum, a new home. The formatting is different and so is the layout, but these are little changes in the long run. We look forward to being hosted by the same service that runs our website, and this means less lag and unexpected downtime that LiveJournal has been suffering from lately. We hope to see everyone at the new forum, and we welcome anyone who comes to this community to join us there.

Thank you ♥


Hiatus In November aka GOD DAMN IT, NANO

It's been brought up that the game pretty much grinds to a halt during November, NaNo month, and well this is unofficially recognized there's no official in-game way to deal with this extreme downtime. So how about we open up the crack community for an AU game to take place during the month?

What kind of setting would you like for the AU?

Marvel/DC superhero types! Pew pew!
Science fiction, in all flavors. Gimme the blaster and noone gets hurt
Ye Olde High Fantasy. I cast Magic Missile!
Keep it as is, just let us have a sandbox to play out new stuff.
Past lives, except without the 'dead' part. Political intrigue, oh my!
STFU and leave us alone, we can do it ourselves!
ALL OF THEM. Oh god, my brain.... Actually, how about rotation? A scenario a week.
Other? Comments plz.

Depending on what ends up being selected, there will be specific rules applied to that, but please note that the core rules of the main community still apply in the crack community.

Temporary lack of computer?

I may be gone during the upcoming week due to the move to Ames. Hopefully, I will be online throughout the week with help of the laptop, but if I can't get a good signal, I'm a bit SOL. But by next Saturday we should be all moved in and back online.

-Niena (see character list if you don't know who I play. :B )

(no subject)

I think it's time to say something official, although by now it's probably obvious. At the moment, I'm just having a hard time making myself stay interested in the game, and that's not fair to you guys. I might come back, but if I do, it will only be sporadically, and I understand and even hope you'll smack me on the wrist unless I'm sure I mean it.

Obviously, feel free to assume my characters have either moved on or remained there, whichever is more convenient.

Plzdon'tkillDusty. He's my favorite.

I'm baaaack

Yesterday was Laptop Shopping Day after about a week of needing to use the cheap version of AIM that won't allow group chats. Therefore, I'll be making my return to chat (as well as the game) later this evening. I hope you've all been well.